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Business Details


 Accessories voucher : We offer online vouchers at a huge discount. The dealer pays 40% + gst for the value of the voucher. For example if you buy $50 voucher, you only pay $22. The customer has $50 inc gst to spend on our website. If the invoice is less than $100 they pay $4.95 (inc) shipping. We manage the logistics and shipping. 


Outright purchase : You can buy accessories outright at wholesale prices. For example a cover + Tempered glass will cost you around $10-$13 ex gst. You will have to ship the product to your customer. RRP of the products is $50. it’s a very good value to the customer.


ILMP Premium ARO packs : This is our latest product. ILPM premium essential pack starts at $24.50 ex gst for Samsung S8/S8+ to $31.50 for iPhone 8/8+/X. The pack includes cover, tempered glass, cable and a car charger. RRP of the ARO packs is $120. Read More..


Direct Fulfilment : www.ilovemyphone.com.au is your mobile phone accessories partner and your customer can buy products from our website. We can work out a discount / commission structure on the purchases made by the customer.  Read More..

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