EFM Aspen D3O Crystalex Case Armour For iPhone 11 Pro Max - Crystalex Clear

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EFM Aspen Crystalex Clear Case Armour with all  new Crystalex D3O û The worlds most protective  transparent material. Market leading UV  resistance, non-tinting and with a 200% greater  dye transfer resistance than conventional TPU  materials.The Aspen caase provides clarity that  lasts. Aspen is 6 meter drop tested, offering 360  degree device protection when combined with our  Screen Armour without impeding or restricting any  functions of the device. The stadium screen edge  prevents damage from a flat drop or scratches to  the screen. EFM Aspen Crystalex Clear Case Armour  is one of the slimmest, clearest and toughest  cases on the market. Allowing the user to truly  appreciate their device for longer. For slim but  tough device protection, EFM Aspen Crystalex  Clear Case Armour is the tried and tested  solution.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review