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We listened to our customers and ready to collaborate

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We listened to our business customers and have introduced accessories packs for popular models including iphone 6s, Samsung S7, iPad and Samsung tab.

The accessories pack makes it easier for the customer to buy essential accessories hassle free online.

Details about the pack can be seen at : http://www.ilovemyphone.com.au/accessories-packs/

The packs are very reasonably priced. The packs are ideal for upgrades, new contracts and are a great way to look after your existing customers.

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Collaborate to achieve a common business goal

Collaboration is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize shared goals. Collaboration is very similar to cooperation, and both are an opposite of competition.Why collaborate ?Humans have collaborated since beginning of mankind. Living in a society was the first form of collaboration, where every member of the society had [...]

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​Festive season gift ideas

                                      Festive season is round the corner. Most of us are thinking of buying a gift for our friends, loved ones, business associates and even for the office staff.Gift can be given for any reason, could it be for an [...]

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Your phone cover says a lot about you

We often hear, “this dress suits you”. But, have we ever thought, what has dress to do with someone's personality?The dictionary meaning of personality is “combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.”So, whatever we do in our daily life reflects our personality.. Did you ever notice, people who generally like vibrant colours [...]

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Have you heard of NOMOphobia ? Fear of today's generation

                        Nomophobia (noun) : fear of losing your mobile phone. NO MOre mobile fear. In a recent study done in UK, 66% people are afraid of losing their mobile phones or anything that will hamper the use of their mobile phones including wifi internet and no battery.Now let's go [...]

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Disconnect to connect

Aha! everytime i see around myself, be it old, young, or a kid everybody is busy with their smartphones, laptop, iPad or any other electronic gadgets. We are all busy connecting with each other, yet not connecting with anyone.We are all missing the human connection between us, be it our family or friends. Did anyone of us think, [...]

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Office ergonomics and laptop / iPad stand

iPad / Tablet neck and shoulder is a real problem.In a recent study by Microsoft and the US Department of Environmental Health, researchers found that tablet users have a higher potential for “neck and shoulder discomfort” versus using a notebook or a desktop computer.Yes, iPad Shoulder is a real medical problem.The study found that iPad users experienced greater head and neck [...]

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Keeping your customer happy and engaged

Our business model is focused on providing our customers : Customer engagementZero investmentOpportunity Convenience - No admin no delivery hasslesLow or no riskProviding value to dealers business"We loose a lot of our business customers to telco retail shops every time they go to buy a cover in the shop.""My biggest worry is my customers buying a [...]

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Car Mobile Accessories That Make Your Life Easier

Australians love long distance driving. This vast country has provided us an opportunity to get in the car, drive for miles and have a wonderful time. If you want to travel long distance without having issues with a flat battery on your phone or ipad / tablet then make use of certain cool car accessories, then your trip will be [...]

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5 Best Mobile Accessories you must have

Mobile phones are used extensively because of the multiple facilities they provide. They are worth a buy because they come in reasonable costs and such gadgets are worth having. Of all the companies selling these products, most of them are really genuine. Scan all the reviews of mobile phones on the web quickly before buying [...]

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