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​Festive season gift ideas

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Festive season is round the corner. Most of us are thinking of buying a gift for our friends, loved ones, business associates and even for the office staff.

Gift can be given for any reason, could it be for an occasion or a gesture of gratitude.

  1. For a team/ Corporate : Sometimes, it gets difficult for us to select the a single gift for a team / or a family. Something like one size fits all !! I came across of this wonderful product - All Dock Charger, it is a unique and a easy way to charge multiple gadgets at a time. Keep one in the office to avoid cables on every desk.
  2. Business owners : A nice looking leather finish cover for a business owner. Try the new TOTU design view flip cover for iPhone 6 or Samsung S6. It works both as a cover and a small purse to carry your cards. Available in three colours.
  3. For the music lover : An earphone with remote mic + Bluetooth speakers. There are wide range of bluetooth speakers in the market. Whomsoever, you gift them this bundle , he will sing your tune the whole life.
  4. For a frequent traveller :Mixing business and pleasure. The key is to choose a gift that will increase productivity and help them stay connected.

   5. For Fitness lover: They live and breathe FITNESS . A nice Smart health Bracelet + Power Bank , should be                good enough to bring a smile to your fitness lover friend.

   6. For the Geek: They are the just amazing people, there world goes around just their laptop/iPAD. Rest all, is just              waste of time. Oops sorry..no offence. They are so engrossed with themselves that they will even ignore their neck          and back pains. Not realising that this can be real trouble in later years in life. Hope they have heard the word “Office        Ergonomics”. A laptop / iPad table should be a boon to them.

Above, were few not the run of the mill ideas. Gift, is something that should be of use to the person and also he/she should cherish is while he / she is using it.

Well, I leave this to your personal tastes and liking! Wishing you and your family a happy festive spirit, all year round with abundance of love and laughter.

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