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P K Gupta, Director Trikon Digital says : pk-gupta-new.jpg

Love the battery charger.  Please see below: 

  • Made sure the battery was charged at 100%
  • When my Samsung Galaxy Ace3 phone was down to 2% I plugged in the battery usb cable to charge the phone.
  • My phone was fully charged and the battery had come down by 80%
  • This is awesome because it means I can charge my tablet and phone and still have some juice left in the battery.

I see this product as of great benefit for business users who need their device recharged and don’t have any other options to recharge.


Sharon Callahan,sharon-callahan.jpg

I bought two products from this business and they are awesome! I bought the bluetooth speaker and the iphone5 headphones. The headphones work very well and the speaker is amazing! Not only does it play the music I have on my phone, but also plays app sounds including radio apps. Definitely be purchasing from this supplier in the future 5 stars! *****