Disconnect to connect

Aha! every time I see around myself, be it old, young, or a kid everybody is busy with their smartphones, laptop, iPad or any other electronic gadgets. We are all busy connecting with each other, yet not connecting with anyone.

We are all missing the human connection between us, be it our family or friends. Did anyone of us think, how many hours in a day do we use these gadgets? I am sure most of us start our day with checking emails/ WhatsApp messages and in fact, it ends the same way. We are heading towards being a gadget slave. A friend asked me one day, "What is the last thing you take off at night before going to sleep ?" You guessed it right, 'fingers off your phone.'

We prefer wishing each other on birthdays, anniversaries via Facebook, SMS or maybe emails (emails look a bit outdated now). I feel really special if someone calls me on my birthday to wish me, it's like those old times when sending a birthday card was in fashion.

Where are those days of personal wishes are on birthday and anniversary, those candlelight dinners, spending time with kids /family/ friends have gone?

Let's disconnect from the gadgets and connect with real humans. Let's all nominate 2 hrs every day and pledge not to use a smartphone at all, instead :

  1. pick up the phone and call someone,
  2. write a letter,
  3. go for walk,
  4. talk to kids
  5. Call parents
  6. Draw
  7. dedicate our time to help disadvantaged people
  8. Clean up the house
  9. Go out on a date
  10. Help kids with their homework

I am sharing this video with you and I am sure after seeing this you all will say “ time to disconnect to connect".

Video Link:  "https://youtu.be/GtLX9i0I-Pk"

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