Christmas gifts - A different view

It's the time of the year when most businesses are shopping for Christmas gifts. Some prefer sticking to giving away wine and/or flowers and others want to experiment with some innovative ideas. Some key characteristics of gifts include:

  • Uniqueness: The gift should be unique and should not be 'lost' amongst other gifts. The uniqueness of your gift will make it stand out and easy to remember. For example, look at our mini portable projector. or a dual sim smartphone.


  • Value for money: Best value for money to keep reminding your customer of your business and brand. For example, everyone needs accessories like the cover, charger to go with a new phone, you can give a gift coupon to shop online or an HDMI wifi dongle.
  • DesirableBluetooth speaker has universal appeal and usage. The portable music speaker has a crystal clear sound and don't we all love our music. How about a dual sim smartphone that will not break the bank.
  • Lasts till next Christmas: How good is it if you can give a gift that would last until next Christmas. Your customer will remember you every time they use the speaker or power bank. The perfect way to be on top of the mind of your customer.
  • Easy to useBluetooth speaker has a button at the bottom to connect to any music source via Bluetooth, TF card, 3.5 mm jack. The product comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, so no need to change batteries. The mini portable projector can be used with any smart device to make a presentation and/or watch a movie.
  • Will not be parted or given away: The crux of a business gift is to create an impression on the customer that reminds him of the company and yourself. If a customer gives the gift away to someone else or consumes it (like in the case of wine), the life and purpose of the 'gift' is limited. The longer your customer is able to use the gift, it's more beneficial for your business. Simple products like covers, cables, chargers, ipad covers etc. are meant for personal use and will be cherished.
  • Personalised: The products can be branded and personalised easily. The options range from placing a brand name sticker to etching the logo on the product.
  • Universal appeal: One of the bigger challenges faced by the marketing department is to find a product that is acceptable across a huge client base. Power bank and speaker have universal appeal. We all struggle to keep our smartphones charged and a power bank is a desirable gift.
  • Cost-effective: The pricing of these products is competitive especially as the volume increases. Speaker falls in the same price range as a good quality wine ($25-$30).
  • Versatile: Every product provides a multitude of uses, right from listening to your favourite music via BlueTooth to carrying your music in a TF card. The power bank can be used to charge any smartphone and/or device at the same time. HDMI wifi dongle converts your television into a smart TV.

Let's get creative and start looking for some really impressive gifts for this Christmas and make this year a memorable one for ourselves and our customers.

Happy Christmas shopping !!

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