​eZcast the wireless revolution

​eZcast the wireless revolution

Smartphones and tablets have finally made the jump from the lap to the living room thanks to new technologies that cut the HDMI cord and wirelessly integrate mobile and television like http://www.ilovemyphone.com.au/wifi-hdmi-dongle/... It’s all possible thanks in large part to Miracast, the wireless video-sharing standard that was first introduced in 2012 and began showing up in products in mid-2013.

Miracast isn’t a brand, manufacturer, or a specific product—by definition, it’s the wireless video-sharing standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance The Wi-Fi Alliance is the group that made the 802.11 protocols interoperable under the Wi-Fi name, and with Miracast it now aims to make video-sharing interoperable across devices.

Miracast or eZcast isn’t limited to just entertainment—it’s great
for playing mobile games on the big screen in your living room,
as well as sharing presentations and files on the big screen in
the conference room. And because there’s little to no user
setup required, almost anyone in a meeting can take a share
their content.


Miracast is mirroring your device’s screen display, not sending an independent video stream regardless of what is on screen, as iOS devices do. As a result, video-sharing via Miracast can deplete your battery quickly, so be sure to keep your device plugged into a power source.

This eZcast device lets you use Airplay, Miracast and Chromecast in one device http://www.ilovemyphone.com.au/wifi-hdmi-dongle/...

They will convert a normal TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV. Best places to use the wifi dongle http://www.ilovemyphone.com.au/wifi-hdmi-dongle/ are :

  • 1.Watching youtube videos from your smartphone/tablet on the television
  • 2.Watching videos on your smart device on the TV
  • 3.Making presentations on client TV. The setup time is less than 10 mins.
  • 4.http://www.ilovemyphone.com.au/wifi-hdmi-dongle/ doesn’t need a line of sight and we were able to test that it works even when the mobile phone was 3 rooms away. Another use could be to control the TV remotely and play a prank J.

http://www.ilovemyphone.com.au/wifi-hdmi-dongle/ is a great device to convert your TV into a smart one and make those impressive presentations and get that sale.

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