Have you heard of NOMOphobia ? Fear of today's generation

Nomophobia (noun): fear of losing your mobile phoneNO MOre mobile fear. In a recent study done in the UK, 66% of people are afraid of losing their mobile phones or anything that will hamper the use of their mobile phones including wifi internet and no battery.

Now let's go a few years down memory lane - life was comfortable and it moved at a good pace. When we were kids (shows my age J). The first SMS was a message written on a paper plane, the first long-distance call was 2 can of tin attached to a string.

Our biggest fears were :

  • Missing the school bus in the morning.
  • Getting a 'B' grade in school exams and showing the report card to my father.
  • Missing on the playtime in the evening if we didn't finish our homework.
  • Punctured bicycle tyre.
  • Papa catching us watching TV after he comes home.

What is/was yours?

After every invention, we saw our lives changing, improving in most case.

Wheels got us vehicles, compass helped us navigate more accurately, light actually lit our lives J, telephone helped us to speak to our dear ones. And then came to the internet 'Connect to the World' anytime, anywhere. The Internet helped us to search for information, share our joys and sorrows through Social Media, Connect Professionally and find long lost friends.

All the above inventions were good, but a combination of mobile and the internet has made us dependent and its slave. Guess What? The other day I was at my friends’ place with family and saw both our teenage boys sitting in a corner quietly. Both me and my friend exchanged looks and then asked our kids “ Hey why are you both so sad?, My friend's son said,” Uncle out Wifi is not working today and we both are missing playing games on the internet “.

I laughed and said, “that’s ok, why don’t you both try some outdoor games, that will be equally fun” It.. Sad, but true, both just didn’t like the idea and switched on the TV.

Seeing this reaction, both me and my friend together “This generation fears have changed from losing a good friend, a good job, reputation, good health etc, to “ fear of not having being connected to the internet and low battery. True NOMOphobic generation.

Let’s shed our fears and try :

  1. Joining a gym
  2. Try playing some outdoor games like football, squash, badminton, cricket etc.
  3. Picnic on weekends with family and friends
  4. Have a small notebook and write 5 things that you liked every day and date it. read it at the end of every month
  5. Talk to your neighbour

And the list continues….. 

Time to shed our fears and enjoy life naturally with God's creations. 

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