How to choose right Otter box for your phone

OtterBox has a range of protective cases for your precious phone. If you are a busy business executive, trades person or a housewife, you want your $1,000 plus investment in your new smartphone protected, and there is an Otter box for you. 


Below are a list and description of each item. We have not had the ability to personally test these cases. Consequently, their inclusion on our site is merely for informational purposes. This post is neither a review, personal endorsement, or sponsored advertisement. The language and descriptions are based on the content on the OtterBox product pages.


The OtterBox standard, DEFENDER Series is a multi-layered case that prevents drops, shock, and dust. A high-impact polycarbonate shell includes an integrated screen protector. Inside, the inner memory foam cradles iPhone 6 while the exterior is built to take the elements. With the case, OtterBox ships a holster clip doubling as a stand. With a wide range of custom-coloured slipcovers, shells, and holsters, there is most likely an option for everyone.


Marketed much more heavily to female shoppers, the Symmetry Series case is offered as a combination in style and protection. A uni-body design, SYMMETRY is one of the slimmest protective cases in its class, according to OtterBox. A pocketable design offers wraparound colours and graphics making it a style-conscious purchase. Dual-material construction still absorbs shocks and withstands drops while a raised edge protects the screen. 


The COMMUTER is balanced between the SYMMETRY and DEFENDER cases. COMMUTER utilizes a more stylized approach but with bulkier protection than the SYMMETRY. Unlike DEFENDER’s built-in screen cover, COMMUTER comes with a stick-on screen protector. Port and plug covers keep the daily soil from building up in hard to reach places. A two-piece design also means added shock absorption from a harder shell combined with a flexible interior. 

Our suggestion, try an Otterbox and keep your phone safe.

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