Keeping your customer happy and engaged!

Our business model is focused on providing our customers :

  1. Customer engagement
  2. Zero investment
  3. Opportunity
  4. Convenience - No admin no delivery hassles
  5. Low or no risk
  6. Providing value to dealers business

"We lose a lot of our business customers to telco retail shops every time they go to buy a cover in the shop."

"My biggest worry is my customers buying a cheap cover/case, damaging their handset and then we have to help them get a replacement".

"I can't be imaging why don't customers buy a good quality cover/case and spend $50-60 to make their handset look good and protect it".

These are some of the comments we came across while doing market research before starting the business. And decided to solve all these problems for our dealers in our model esp the first one. Since the dealers spend a lot of time hunting and farming their customers, they want a better ROI and lifetime $$ value from these customers. By providing easy access to quality phone accessories and business products they can provide additional service and keep their customers engaged.

In the words of David Brown,, one of our customers - I am very happy that my customer received the iPad Air 2 Nuud cases before the hardware arrived. Now they don't have to worry about dropping them on the floor. And they are very happy with the service.

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