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I was having a lunch meeting with a friend who works for a top telco company here in Australia and he made a remark 'Only if I had a projector that could project on this wall, I could have shown you something very interesting' and my quest for a mini projector started. Some key considerations to choose the right mini projector were :


  • Size: The projector should be small enough to fit in the palm without compromising on the picture quality and sound. Heavy projectors are difficult to carry and will generally require external power.


  • Wi-fi capability: The mini projector should be able to connect to the smart device wirelessly using latest technology. This will help the user to make presentations without running any cables and connectivity will be faster.
  • The presenter will be able to move across the room, if required, without worrying about entangled wires.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery: To make the mini projector really portable and versatile, we looked at the ones with substantial battery life. The one we choose has up to 90 mins battery life.
  • Work with smart phones : The projector should be able to mirror the smart phone screen and play audio, video effortlessly. The projector has 2 x 1W inbuilt speakers
  • No cables: Keep the presentation neat and clean without running any wires from and to the mini projector. This was a key requirement to finalize the right mini projector.
  • Multimedia capability: To make a good sales pitch and a winning presentation, the use of multimedia is a must. We looked at a few projectors and realised that these projectors might be used in smaller spaces. The 2 x 1W speaker does an excellent job playing the multimedia.
  • Adjustable stand: Very basic but something we didn't want to miss in the product. We were amazed to see various products being offered without an adjustable stand and stands being sold separately. What if the customer forgets to buy a stand. The immediate thought was, 'shouldn’t the stand be a part of standard offering'?
  • Price point: There are quite a few mini projectors out there in the market at different price points. We have kept our offering very competitive considering the features. After all, one good presentation and a winning sales pitch can cover the cost of a projector many times, so why compromise. 
  • Odem HP50+ ticks all the boxes and every salesperson should have it as part of its sales kit.

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