Office ergonomics and laptop / iPad stand

iPad / Tablet neck and shoulder is a real problem.

In a recent study by Microsoft and the US Department of Environmental Health, researchers found that tablet users have a higher potential for “neck and shoulder discomfort” versus using a notebook or a desktop computer.

Yes, iPad Shoulder is a real medical problem.

The study found that iPad users experienced greater head and neck flexion angles than using a traditional computer. The study found that the worst way to use your iPad is on your lap. Whether you are watching a movie or typing, keeping your iPad on your lap places greater strain on your neck and shoulders, which can result in pain and potentially greater posture issues in the long run.

Text Neck is another Health Hazard Caused By Mobile & Tablet Use

Chiropractors have dubbed the position, otherwise known as forwarding Head Posture (FHP), text neck. The head of an adult weighs 10 to 12 pounds. The way humans are aligned the head is meant to be centred on the neck, the neck acting as a kind of fulcrum to the head. When we keep the head off-centre for periods of time, neck muscles have to overcompensate. Keep doing that and the body will eventually form that position permanently, and lead to serious health problems, like arthritis, heart and lung difficulties, and even digestive interference.

The use of tables to raise the laptop height and iPad stands can reduce the damage done to the body. These tables are highly recommended to be used while working on your desk, lounge or even your bed.

Aaron Buchan from Cross Training Systems says, "Reduce lumbar kyphosis keeping your spine in a more neutral position instead of sitting all day long".

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