Supporting B2B telecom dealer- Our model

We disrupted the existing accessories model and designed the iLovemyphone model of selling accessories. Our business is a classical example of disruptive collaborative consumption.

iLovemyphone is a passion for phone accessories and business products, which was started 15 months back, when we thought, “What Better can we do to help B2B dealers to make their customers happy ?” 

Just selling Solutions Mobile plans was not enough. Dealers were facing challenges to retain their customer, help close deals and support their sales staff to make some extra cash on the side. We came up with a unique sales model with 

  • $0 investment
  • no admin handling and 
  • 12 months warranty provided to the customers. 

We are already providing world-class phone accessories to some of the largest B2B dealers in Australia and helping them drive sales volume. One of our customers recently increased sales by 15% using the business model. In fact, our business model is unique and gives around 40% profit on the sale (if you buy wholesale). 

To know more about this business opportunity in detail please get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss how we can work together. 

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