Your phone cover says a lot about you!

 We often hear, “this dress suits you”. But, have we ever thought, what has a dress to do with someone's personality?

The dictionary meaning of personality is a “combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.”

So, whatever we do in our daily life reflects our personality. Did you ever notice, people who generally like vibrant colours are often bubbly, full of life, enthusiastic and carefree. They believe, colours add zing to their lives. Bright colours are often associated with passion, desire, bold, vivid…

Whereas, light and soothing colours mean- sober, calm, peace, grounded etc.

We carry the latest handset in our hands and it is as important as the brand we are wearing, the watch and that diamond ring on the finger. We spend on an average $1,000 on a handset, because it adds to our personality. However, most of us think 10 times to buy a food case/cover for the phone. A phone cover serves multiple purposes :

1.Protects the phone, for e.g. otter box and life proof cases.

2.Enhances value

3.Makes it easily usable/accessible

4.Prevents it from being stolen

5.Serves as a purse to carry cash and cards

6.Works as a fashion accessory

Similarly, when we choose a phone cover, we will largely pick it based on our personality and usability. For eg: a tradie will prefer protecting the phone is more important than making it look beautiful. Business customers will prefer sleek genuine leather covers, while a teenager will want a funky cover.

Suggest, this weekend, you notice the handset covers used by your friends. You will find that all the above match their clothes and accessories according to their personality.

I would love to hear your feedback and comments.

Also, found some interesting sites for the personality tests. 

Try them:


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