Add some juice to your phone - External power bank

I am an avid mobile phone user and am mostly on the field and / or in meetings. The mobile phone battery doesn’t even last until 1 pm. I used to face this problem day in day out and thought of finding a solution which led me to the manufacturers of power banks overseas. I went to China to look at the factories and source good quality powerbanks for self and my customers. 

The product is 10000 mah battery which can charge a phone up to 5 times over. The battery is very compact and last up to 500 cycles and can charge any handset iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia etc. All the batteries come with warranty.

Received feedback from another customer using the power bank.

Powerbank has been a life saver on many occasions when caught without a power point to charge the phone, with my job I spend a lot of time on the road and travelling interstate so power points and cables aren’t always readily available with the external battery charger it simply doesn’t matter. 

During my last trip to Sydney I had had a big day on the road and when arriving at the airport for my journey back to Adelaide realised the plane had been delayed at this stage my phone was almost flat, this is when the external battery charger came in so handy this took the worry out of keeping in contact with colleagues and keeping up with emails without the hindrance of having to stay put next to a power supply point at the airport.

Darren Warren, Vodafone, Retail Manager SA /WA

The best toys ever. Check this stuff out. The portable battery that fits in your bag is a godsend on journeys lol and the speakers are wicked - great corporate gifts.

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