Best Mobile Car Chargers for your Smartphones

The importance of the smartphone is increasing day by day in our life, and it feels that our smartphone battery gets drained very quickly. One of the reasons is that we start using multiple things at the same time. Therefore to get out of this trouble, a car mobile charger is essential. We present you here with numerous best car charger options.

Cleanskin 27W Dual Car Charger

Cleanskin offers one of the best ranges of mobile car chargers. Cleanskin 27W dual car charger and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port come with a Type-C cable.

3XIST 27W Car Charger

If you have USB-C power delivery laptops, tablets or smartphones, then this car charger is for you. This charger offers power delivery technology; hence, charging devices super-fast. It comes with two USB cables, making it compatible and convenient for you to charge.

Universal Type-C Car Charger

This car charger has a universal type-c cable that is coiled and is 1 meter in length; hence, easy to use where ever you are seated in your car.

EFM Car Charger

EFM car charger is a 3.4A dual USB with an MFi lightning cable. It provides fast and efficient charging by resisting the battery to overcharge, ultimately aiding in prolonging the life of the battery and the device.


Griffin Power Jolt Car Charger

Powerjolt USB-C car charger as the name suggests is compatible with USB-C devices. It has a heavy-duty cable that is 1.3 meters long and has an LED power indicator. It is designed specifically to cater to the needs of USB-C power devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase one of these chargers and make life easier for yourself.

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